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BrightStart For Families

BrightStart For Families

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Circle of Security Parenting

Circle of Security Parenting

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"This truly has been a great program, it gives us time to be together.  Also it is free, you honestly don't find programs or fun things like this at no cost.  My family and I would like to thank everyone for this great experience."

"What a great program, I am so glad to have attended, my kids loved it! Thank you!"

"Happy we found out about BrightStart, very impressed."

"My children learned to play together. They used the craft bag everyday. My son even invited his sister to play outside with him!”

"The session on brain development really made an impact on me. I saw the clip of what happens to the brain with a hit to the head, the brain damage it causes. I whacked my kids in the head all the time, but after seeing that I have stopped.”

”The nutritionist is excellent, she gives plenty of tips/ideas on how to live a healthier lifestyle."

"Dr Walker's approach was well received.  We all have questions and it was nice to be able to ask them."

"Showing me that parenting is more complex that it seems.  Like the parental tips."


About the Kid's Program:Kids circle

"Wonderful, loving staff."

"My kids reminded me they are going to the "new school", they talked about everyone, eating together, the imagination playground, play dough, dancing."

"My kids love it and want to go more often."

"My daughter loves the craft bag and still uses it."

"My 3 year old enjoys all the activities, especially the play dough."

"My son loves and comes home with crafts and memories."

"The kids loved it, they called it school on Saturday. They are sad cause it is finished."

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BrightStart is now available in an online digital version. This is used in combination with discussion groups or you can get personal access to the course to do on your own. See the article on our home page for more information.

Circle of Security

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Imagination Playground

We are bringing the Imagination Playground to community events this summer. Check our Facebook page for Imagination Playground events.