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BrightStart For Families

BrightStart For Families

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Circle of Security Parenting

Circle of Security Parenting

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Before the pandemic, more than 300 parents and a similar number of children have parrticipated in BrightStart. We have resumed BrightStart in a new format. Here is a a description of what you can expect at BrightStart.

BrightStart™ is a fun experience for the whole family. Parents who are expecting, or have a child 4 years old or younger and older children up through 8 BrightStart Trans 250pxyears old are invited. Other care-givers are also welcome!  BrightStart is a family time; it's a place to create memories and bonds and to learn in new ways. It is a shared family experience in our local community, where children see familiar faces and the families can build a supportive group of peers.

Our modified Learn & Play Children’s Program is play-based and offers infants through 4 year olds opportunities to learn and have fun while developing listening and attention skills. BrightStart™ is offered by Building Healthy Families, a nonprofit organization in Manchester, CT.  The workshop location is not finalizaed at this time. The morning is full of learning and activities for parents and children.

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BrightStart is for parents who want to learn how to enhance their young child's future success– by providing a language rich, safe, and secure environment for them to grow physically and emotionally strong through healthy eating, play and good discipline.

We offer:

Eight weeks of practical experience based on old-fashioned love and the latest science. It's about the nurture and encouragement children need to succeed. Each Saturday morning is designed to promote a sense of community. There are times for parent sharing and discussion to support and encourage one another. In addition, we provide family style nutritious meals and some material resources for parents, including age appropriate books and toys. Children are cared for by our well-trained and dedicated staff.

The 8-week BrightStart uses the structure of the ABCD's of good discipline. A is for Attention, B is for Bonding, C is for Communication, and D is for Diet. The ABCD's are the building blocks every baby needs for healthy development and good discipline. Parents learn about brain development and how to nurture their child's brain. Discipline uses all of the ABCD’s as parent learn to teach limits with love. During the course, parents learn skills to increase their child's readiness to learn. This includes developing their child's ability to focus, develop secure emotional bonds, boost verbal skills and promote physical health. Everything about BrightStart is geared to help parents raise happy and healthy children who are prepared for the brightest start possible.

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Volunteers from our community run BrightStart. Tasks include: meal preparation, set-up, serving meals, welcome team, outreach, photography, administrative and organizing behind the scenes, working with the children, making craft kits, puppets or blocks, and parent engagement. It takes 30-50 volunteers for a successful 8-week session.  Volunteers need to attend volunteer training, you can apply on-line.

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BrightStart is now available in an online digital version. This is used in combination with discussion groups or you can get personal access to the course to do on your own. See the article on our home page for more information.

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Imagination Playground

We are bringing the Imagination Playground to community events this summer. Check our Facebook page for Imagination Playground events.